Dancing On Your Veins Again

This song is talking about a stripper girl that escaped her work by finding a ritch boyfriend, Ritchie, and then afterwards she randomly meets her ex (which she had to leave behind along with her past), and gets all naughty just by seeing him.

Dancing On Your Veins Again was a special mention (almost semi-finalist) in the
UK Songwriting Contest  2017.

Update 26-6. The final version of this song will get released in ~2 months 👍

New Bass & Corona Virus Period

I finally bought a bass and returned to the studio for a few days.

I like my new bass sound a lot.

Dancing on your veins again has been updated with it.

This version is very close to the final one.

Some ‘corona virus…’ implications with my salary have postponed the project a bit…

Fan Supporter packs

The remaining cost of recording and releasing my album has been estimated at ~5000eu.

Direct paypal donations have been added as an option, and soon the cd-single Dancing On Your Veins Again will be available for sale. T-shirts or other things are possible, pm me your ideas through Facebook.

I am always available for chat with everyone through my Facebook page.